Premium Diesel Fire Pump Engines

ALTON - Warranty Statement - 2 year conditional warranty

Warranty is limited to replacement or repair at manufacturers discretion of any parts or equipment
without removal and re-installation cost for a period of twenty-four months from date of invoice,
provided such part of equipment that is deemed by the respective manufacturer to be faulty. 
Any work done on site to inspect or remedy faults that are subsequently not accepted as being
under warranty by the manufacturer, or are caused by misuse, fair wear or operation procedures,
will be charged at parts and labour and travelling time rates applicable at the time.

Warranty does not include travel and accommodation costs for non-capital city
and or non-Australian installations.

Warranty does not cover equipment that is not being tested and maintained to Australian
Standards and authority requirements, including but not limited to AS1851.

Warranty does not cover pump systems that are not monitored on a continuous basis.
Part of monitoring requirement is a suitable management plan to attend to alarm and running
signals immediately.

Warranty does not cover damage resulting from ingress of water into the engine due to installation
defects eg. the exhaust sytem.

Australian Standards AS2941 preludes the use of shutdown protection devices that shut down
equipment in the case of malfunction. Consequently any damage result from equipment continuing
to operate whilst an abnormal condition is present is expressly excluded from manufacturers

If buyer requires our services in respect of site inspection or service outside of what is covered
by manufacturers warranties, then buyer should enter into a separate agreement with stockist
in respect to the same. In the event of no such separate agreement all operation, calibrating,
cleaning and maintenance of plant is the responsibility of the buyer.

Under no circumstance is the manufacturer liable for any direct or consequential loss, damage
to persons or properties of any nature due to any cause whatsoever.

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